Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A New Season

Yesterday, Tuesday morning I woke up around 10:15 and that was simply magical. Wanna know why? Because the past couple of months on Tuesdays at that time I'd be doing last minute preps/stress before Pure Magic started. Guys, 10:30 doesn't seem that early in the morning but let me tell you, it is!

We've done lots of early shows over the years with libraries and private performances but those weren't ever illusion shows. And usually when we did those "briefcase shows" we would go to bed early the night before.

In case you haven't heard, we're now doing The Carolina Opry shows 3-4 nights a week on top of our Pure Magic and Thunder & Light performances and we're loving it! But getting home late from a show to get up super early to do a magic show has been making it complicated. Luckily though the 10:30 AM shows are done at the moment until September. We actually have a few weeks off from Pure Magic and Thunder & Light right now until those kick in as afternoon shows so that's awesome.

Photo by Jordan Watkins
We've decided to take this time off to work on some new material. We're actually getting a new illusion this coming Monday and we're super excited about it! It will actually be thrown in a lot quicker than we normally put in a new illusion because we're planning to put it in Thunder & Light where we'll be redoing all of our material in that show before it starts back again next month.

This year's Pure Magic was a really new show for us. We had some brand new illusions to premiere and some illusions and effects that haven't been on the big stage yet but had plenty of testing time from smaller shows. And I'm sure most of you have gathered by now we're pretty secretive when it comes to new illusions, even after they have been testing a little bit. But if you do want to see stuff first, usually my personal Instagram is the first place it's posted so always be on the lookout there! @mrswagstermagic

Photo by Jordan Watkins
That was the first place we posted photos of our newer illusion routines for this year such as broom suspension (which has definitely become a new show favorite) our new regular season version of twister (we'd only done Christmas before) and our newest illusion which has been interlude.

Photo by Katie Shuler
Every time we get a new illusion I gain so much respect for my fellow peers in magic. Interlude literally kicked our butts when we got it a couple of months ago. The bruises and pain I experienced from it was like nothing I'd ever done before. But it has turned out to be hands down one of my favorites in our show and I wouldn't trade those rehearsals for anything. Now it doesn't bruise me anymore it just likes to rip my tights or like a few weeks ago it literally tried to eat my shoe.

It's been our edgiest routine yet, which definitely made it scary to perform for the first time. We are in the bible belt after all and people are very vocal these days if something offends them but thus far it's been all positive response *knocks on wood desk in front of me* But we tried to make it a part of our love story in the course of the show we currently have running and I think it's coming across that way.

Photo by Katie Shuler
With that being said about new illusions, this newest one we get next week will be the first time we've gotten an illusion before we've really prepared for it. We usually find a song, pick the illusion to go with it and then choreograph the illusion long before we get it. This time we're going a little backwards. We have no idea on the music and regardless of what Brandon is trying to tell everyone his current selections are horrible and I won't make you guys suffer like that haha. I'm interested to see how well this goes considering it's premiere is June 28th. So the stress begins! Other than that for our break we'll just be getting ready some other new pieces for that show as well. We're doing my first instant appearance and we can't wait to see the reactions that will receive.

Also we're getting a little more footage later this week from this season and we'll officially be working on the new promo for Pure Magic that will have clips of all our new pieces we can share with you guys! Here's last year's in case you guys missed it...

While you're on our Youtube channel check out some of latest Behind The Scenes videos, we've been sharing some fun stuff lately! We had a super cool gig last week we shared on there!

And if you haven't seen it on my facebook, I did a photoshoot with the amazing Nateographer again and he captured this incredible shot that I'm planning to work into the top and logo of this blog. Thanks Nate for such an awesome photo!

Photo by Nateographer
So there you have it, current life of The Wagsters. Looking forward to keeping you guys updated on all our new stuff and sharing it soon!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017

2017 has literally been my slackest year with this thing yet. But I did update the heck out of it so I hope you enjoy the new look!

I CANNOT believe it's the last day of the year. I still accidentally write 2016 on stuff.

It's been such a great year for our magic. We had a successful first "season" of our new theatre show Pure Magic. Our first true show as partners, listening to my voice loud through a huge theatre is a new experience for sure. We found a new awesome photographer. A new graphics guy so we redid all of our marketing and merchandise. Made a LOT of decisions with where we're actually going with this. Didn't make some of the best financial decisions but who really does? Bought some new illusions, stretched ourselves with the toughest ones yet. Started getting in better shape so we could perform better. I've learned a LOT about makeup this year for stage. I'll still never be able to do everyday makeup though. You get full lashes or literally nothing. Brandon got a new hairstyle after literally his whole life. We've been updating illusions and costumes that we've had forever. Some costumes have been in the show longer than me!

I finally kickstarted doing mermaiding gigs on the side. I keep meaning to do a blog post about that... I'll get there eventually. I definitely want to get that magic together for my mermaid character. I've been talking about it forever, it's time to get it in motion.

We added two new pets to our family. Officially started using animals in our shows. We've always been missing that. Pippin, our parakeet, in normal shows and Luna in Christmas. They are both just freaking rockstars and always steal the show. So proud of both of them!

I also broke back into modeling a little bit so that's been super fun. I met some awesome photographers and can't wait to do a lot more shoots this coming year!

Photo by Nateographer

We were super involved in the Christmas shows this year doing more spots with two brand new illusions that went over great, singing, and even dancing. Somehow tonight is the last of those shows and just like that 81 shows are over. 

While the rest of the cast at our theatre gets January off we will be preparing for two Pure Magic shows on the 13th and 20th. Then after that it's off to Disney World! We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary!! I can't believe we've already been married that long! And it's been 4 years since we've gone to see the mouse so it's certainly way over due.

I think some magic shows and Disney magic are literally the perfect way to start out the New Year and then we have some really exciting news to share with you guys at the end of January! So please be on the lookout!

I hope you guys all had a great year and if you didn't, well that's what the new one is for. Here's to a magical 2018 for all of us! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Well we're already almost halfway through May so summer is almost here! We're about to kick it into full gear with shows and we're already doing lots of intense rehearsals and prep for 3 big shows for us. So I wanted to give you guys the run down how you can see us this summer.

As most of you have heard by now because the January showing of "An Evening of Magic" went over so well, The Calvin Gilmore Theatre has decided to make our show one of their regular in house shows and we are so excited! The name has been changed to "Pure Magic" because well the shows won't always be in the evening and the new name just sounds cooler. They kick off on Memorial day weekend, the day after my birthday, May 27th! We have 5 scheduled through the summer and we will continue to do Thunder & Light as always.

Our next big show prep is for returning to the Sea Mist resort for the 4th year and we are super excited to have moved up our show to the ballroom this year! Due to popular demand and always having to turn away guests we are now in a room that can hold close to 400 and it has a much bigger stage. On that stage we will be premiering some brand new magic that we can't wait to share with you guys! I'm FINALLY going to float! Well in our show for the first time. (I assisted someone else with a levitation) I'm thrilled we finally have our dream routine coming together! 
It has hands down been the most difficult illusion I have yet to learn and I know all of our hard work is going to pay off. Brandon has had the idea of this routine for years and with the help of some awesome people it's finally going to be a reality. We officially got back my first ever custom costume from our new costumer on Tuesday and it is simply stunning! What started out as such a plain ugly dress truly turned into something magical in our designer's hands. And this will be our second routine we are getting officially choreographed by someone other than us. That rehearsal is on Saturday and I know it's going to take this all to the next level!
Another thing we will be really premiering is having an animal in our act. As adorable and talented as Luna is, she has some separation anxiety we still have to work though so she doesn't cry backstage while waiting to come on. Our new little star is Pippin, short for Mary Pippins, and honestly I don't think I've ever been so proud of an animal. She's a 3 year old parakeet and we have worked SO hard with her. From when we first got her last year from really an unsocialized situation and her not wanting to be handled at all, to her letting us kiss and love on her and not minding at all doing her magic trick. Actually she loves it. We added in some parakeet sounds at one point in the track of music for when she appears and she literally goes crazy. Pippin gets so excited because she knows it's her song. We can't wait for you to meet her! Pictured with her is our newest addition Olaf, but goodness that handful could have a blog post all on his own so we won't get into that today.

Then we have our library tour kicking off. Probably our favorite type of outside shows are our library gigs. We have so much fun traveling around the state performing at summer reading programs for families. They are always super well attended and we have a lot of kids who come back to see us every year because we're lucky enough to have some awesome repeat clients. This year's theme has been a little harder for us because it's about construction but next year's theme is music and I am pumped! I was actually studying music in school when magic came into my life and changed it forever but music is still such a passion of mine so I'm excited to do a show themed around it. I'm planning to buy some new instruments this summer and hopefully I can work in one for the show along with my flute.

We're super late to the game but we're really trying to get better on board with social media. It's so important in this time and we have to work more on it. I finally got all our social media handles matching. Don't know why I didn't think to do that sooner. It's @thewagstersmagic by the way. Hint, hint. I'm going to start being better about updating on here for those of you who take the time to always read these word tornadoes. And we're also started a travel vlog, we posted one last month and people went crazy, so yes we will be doing more! We just got our new fancy camera for it in today! Our website is currently under a major over haul. Well you can't see that, because the chaos is not live but we can't wait to share the new one when it's finished. We found a new photographer and graphics guy so we now have a new photoshoot and logo and pretty much just everything. We kind of started over again but fresh starts are a great thing sometimes.

So I guess the overall theme of this post is we have LOTS of new stuff going on! We always love to release sneak peeks and first looks on different outlets we have on social media and we don't post the same things in every place. Please make sure to go follow us and to all the people who do choose to keep up with our crazy on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. thank you! And especially to everyone who attends our shows, you're the reason we get to follow our dreams and make them a reality. Your support means the world to us and we love creating magic memories with all of you!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

An Evening of Magic

Happy New Year! Well guys it's official, Christmas is over. We finished our 79 shows and while we are pretty jealous the rest of the cast is getting to go on vacation for the break, we are thankful for this new opportunity that is taking up our break time.
Super exciting news, if you haven't heard already... we're doing a full show for the first time at the theatre we call home! In 2 weeks at 7 PM we will do our 75 minute illusion show featuring brand new material.
So you guys better come so all this working out, eating super healthy, and rehearsing isn't going to waste because it's pretty exhausting haha. You should see our house, there are magic props EVERYWHERE. I usually have a rule that it all needs to stay in the office or garage but right now I'm having to make an exception. So our dining room table is being used as a prop table, our coffee table is a closeup table, and the subtrunk is just chilling in entryway. The rest of the illusions are still in the garage thankfully because their wheels can't spin on the carpet. Well atleast not as fast as Brandon wants to whip me around in the illusion.
On top of rehearsing we are trying to get new costumes together so it's been a lot of back and forth to the tailor's and Michael's to get rhinestones. You always need more rhinestones. Sparkles galore.
Concentration Face
Here's three frequently asked questions we have been getting for the show:
Is this a one time only thing?
As of this moment it's our first time trying out this show at the theatre but we never know what the future holds.
Is it family friendly?
I don't know why people keep asking us this question, we've been performing the same way for years. Yes we have been and always will be family friendly.
Can we wait to buy tickets at the door?
Well I mean you could if you really wanted to but we highly advise against it. It is theatre seating so you must buy where your seats are, so if you want good seats, buy early!
We sincerely hope you'll come out and join us for a fun evening in just 2 short weeks! We promise we are working super hard to give you the best show we possibly can and we can't wait to see you there! You can purchase tickets by calling 843-913-4441 or by visiting this link
Thank you always for the continued support everyone! We love you guys!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ding Dong Merrily on High & The Witch is Dead

First off, it's Christmas! How did this year fly by so fast? We've been super busy with this year's Christmas shows. Our new trick has been going over great and we're definitely getting it worked in and comfortable with it and what all can go wrong. You do it enough, you will definitely figure it out. One of my least favorite occurrences ever in magic so far happened this past month with the new trick. There was a freaking bug in the box. So yeah, now I check the box with a flashlight in all corners before I get in.
While we have thoroughly enjoyed performing this Christmas version of our new illusion, we can't wait to finally perform the regular version. It will be a dramatic show opener for us and we are super excited!
Speaking of new illusions, we just got our two newest ones this month!
We got our original designed illusion that we are hoping to share with everyone very soon. It's one that a friend has been suggesting we get for years and once we finally came up with a unique presentation we liked we decided to order it. It's so gorgeous and definitely our new favorite baby. We finished choreographing it last week and have been showing it off for some opinions and it's gotten great responses so far. And it gave me my most unique bruise to date.
New illusion in it's shipping crate. It's a secret ;) 
Then we got an illusion that we both have wanted for quite a while. Hint, it's helping me defy gravity for the first time! The title of this blog is also a hint. So wicked fun but much harder than we both anticipated. I literally cannot wait to get this illusion completed. Fun fact, I'm super terrified of heights so rehearing this illusion has been extremely difficult for me. I'm trying to keep my cool but I'm definitely crying on the inside every time I'm in the air. And I got bruises in interesting places from the first couple days of rehearsing it. I swear all I do is get bruises with this job.

This month was also Luna's 2nd Birthday! We can't believe how grown up our baby girl is! She's almost completed her 2nd training class and she'll be back in the shows next year. We are hoping to get her appearance built soon. Today she learned where her "place" is on stage and the commands Dance and Play Dead. She's so smart and we can't wait to show everyone what all she has learned over the past few months. Luna also, thankfully, has discovered she LOVES illusions. Her favorite person is a magician friend of ours named Caleb Alexander and he's been letting her play in his illusion and she has loved every second of it. She truly is a magic dog!

I'm super happy to say yesterday we had our last matinee Christmas show at the theatre so things will finally slow down just a little bit. It's not too late to come see the show though. We will continue it until January 1st so make sure you come see The Christmas Show of the South! You can purchase tickets through here:

 Merry Christmas Y'all!