Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Long Time No Blog

So I think my last post was in November? Life happens. So quite a few things have happened since then...

I'm proud to say we finished all 80 shows at Christmas without any major accidents, that's always a plus. With illusions you just never know. I would say the year wound down quietly and the new year started the same but we were still doing shows until January 2nd. The longer I've been in entertainment the less I like Christmas music because we hear it a LOT.

We updated our website but didn't announce it for some reason. Doesn't really matter though because it's about to be completely overhauled. We are trying all new marketing. Learning search engine optimization soon and hopefully doing our promo video this week. I know, I've literally been saying that for 5 years but seriously it's got to be done.

Along with the marketing we are completely updating the promo/merch as well. We're keeping our graphics guy, Andrew, busy for sure. Since we haven't really shared any of that stuff yet I figured I'd share our new magic kit design with you guys.
Let's see what else has happened?... We started a fun part time job with a business here called The Character Company. We get paid to dress up and bring magic into people's lives in a different way than usual. I'm learning a lot about makeup and having so much doing it. This company also hires mermaids which is actually how I got the job thanks to my mermaid shoot I did last year for my birthday. I'm most excited about finally owning my own tail soon! I'll be doing some magic as a mermaid and can't wait to see what all we come up with for that.
Most recently, as in this past Saturday, I finally got to levitate for the first time! Don't ask me why it's taken this long because honestly I don't know. I actually performed it with That Magic Kid, Colin Eleazar at our IBM ring's club show. It was super fun but considering I hadn't done it before I was definitely sore the next day. Essential oils are a my hero as a magic assistant.

We also introduced some new/new again magic into our shows. I started Vanishing Bandanna again after 4 years. It always stole the show but the trick just needed a break and some revamping but I'm pleased it's back in. Brandon finally learned the Torn & Restored Newspaper and has a great routine. I've been super proud of watching him put this together. And finally we added a new illusion in. We've only performed it 4 times so far but it's not quite completed. Still waiting on costumes to come in, make the bottom fabric blue, and then paint an umbrella but I can't wait until it's a finished product!
Well this blog has been super random but trying to catch everyone up to speed since I've been kinda quiet lately. I promise I won't wait this long before I blog again. Be on the lookout for something extra special we are about to announce that's getting added to our show!

Thunder & Light is in full swing again so we hope to see you soon at The Calvin Gilmore Theatre!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Christmas Show of the South

Long time no post. Life has been a little hectic lately but this blog should explain why.
If you haven't heard already the Mr and I are currently enjoying the incredible opportunity of performing in The Carolina Opry Christmas Show. Our rehearsals started in October and the show opened on November 2nd. Aka I'm already Christmased out and it's not Thanksgiving yet. With that being said I just wrapped my first 3 presents of the year so that's exciting.

As of this moment we have already done 26 shows, we have one more tonight and then 46 after that. It's definitely been a change adjusting to 8-11 shows a week. And we're still doing Thunder & Light on top of that. Luckily we only have one show with 3 in one day. Which is coming up soon because it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

It's kind of crazy that in this show we aren't just doing the magic, we also come out to sing in the finale. It's been such an incredible experience performing with this stellar cast. If you've never seen this show before, this is a good year to start a new family tradition! It's running through January 2nd so even you can't catch it before the holidays there's still some chances to see it. 
You can see the schedule and purchase tickets below! We really hope to see you at one of our shows!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Escape From Reality

Two weeks ago Brandon and I went on a MUCH needed vacation. We haven't had one in close to 2 years and that was way too long. We chose one of our favorite places to visit, Pigeon Forge. It's essentially Myrtle Beach in the mountains with a lot more shows and country music. Also a few magic shows.
We chose there because our biggest inspirations in magic live there. Brandon is obsessed with looks up to Terry Evanswood more than any other magician. It was Terry's show that made Brandon want to try to bring magic to Myrtle Beach.
The first show we got to see was Darren Romeo's at The Smokey Mountain Opry. I always say if I learn one new thing from a show it was worth watching. Well I definitely did. Those assistants had their nude character shoes bedazzled and they looked awesome! So we are going to bedazzle my black shoes with some black rhinestones probably this next week. I can't wait until they're done!
We were lucky enough to get to attend Terry's show twice. He performs at the Wonderworks and has the longest running show in PF. The first show we just watched, the second time we sat towards the back so we could take notes and trust me I took LOTS. Not of Terry but his assistant Natasha.
For years people have always asked me what assistant do you look up to the most? And then they will proceed to name off a few of the famous like Joanie, Jinger, and Pam. While I do look up to the greats, I always give the same name and it's Natasha. People usually don't know the name off the top of their head but once I start explaining, they completely understand. Terry and Natasha worked together for quite a long time and their chemistry is seriously untouchable. Brandon and I are a couple and ours isn't that great on stage yet.
I took some notes on costumes, choreography, and facial expressions but my biggest note simply wrote "Holy crap Natasha's hands!" You see for magic assistants, the hands are everything. They direct the eyes. They are something I definitely want to work more on. Deanna Shimada did it best in my opinion thus far but Natasha has got it nailed down. The way her fingers are pointed and the fluidity of her moments are definitely something I can take notes from.
I'm very sad to say that we saw 2 of her last shows as Terry's assistant. She is moving across country with her new baby and starting a new chapter of her life. I know I'm not the only one who will greatly miss her but I know we will keep in touch and cross paths again in the future.
I asked Terry how he felt about losing his leading lady after so many years and he simply said this, "The only good thing about Natasha leaving is that I no longer have to worry about when she's going to leave."
I want to make that much of an impact.
Our trip seriously was an escape from reality. We got to be entertained as opposed to entertaining which is always a nice change and we just got to have some time for us. Now we are re-energized and ready to get back to work. The website is about to be completely redone so we are super excited about that! Also hoping to maybe to get a logo designed for here and revamping maybe? Be on the lookout for some new stuff here soon!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Married to Magic

Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart, and they both take practice.

My life is a  constant fight for balance.
The marriage and the magic seem to both want to take number one importance in our lives. Obviously one SHOULD be first but some days that doesn't always happen. And I guess that's okay. It's better than it was. My life honestly used to be like The Prestige. First off, if you haven't seen that amazing movie... go watch it. Right now. Anyways, the wife says this quote and honestly I have never felt more connected to a movie ever, "Maybe today you're more in love with magic. I like being able to tell the difference, it makes the days it is true mean something."
Magic has a funny way of not just being a job, it's a passion. And those people that it touches aren't like most people. Magic literally has a part of their heart that sometimes is too hard to give away.
At first, this wasn't something that I grasped. I didn't realize that the boy I wanted to date that would become the man I married didn't live like most, didn't leave work at work, didn't have two separate lives. Brandon is magic. He lives it, he breathes it and I've learned to do the same. It's part of everything we do. Somehow magic is snuck into every conversation. There are hints of it in our decorating. It's in our DNA. It will never not be there.
People often ask if magic is what brought us together. No definitely not, I HATED magic. A magician from my childhood was responsible for that. But something about Brandon was different. His magic intrigued me as much as he did and I realized that you can't have one without the other. He did multiple tricks on our first date and from there it was history. I wanted to be apart of all of his life but getting into the magic part took some convincing, there were other assistants in the way at first.
Magic hasn't always been good to me, it's broken my heart more times than I can count. At one point Brandon and I had broken up and magic was the only thing that held us together and that was one of the hardest points in my life. At that point I honestly don't know what I held on more for but I'm glad I did. It's caused strain on our relationship and our marriage. It's not an easy life style to live but luckily Brandon and I honestly never grow tired of each other so we thrive on being together all the time. I hear so many couples ask how we can work together and I can't explain it, it just works. We were meant for this life, we were meant for each other. And while somedays I ask for a break from talking about magic it never really does cease, I'm bound to bring up something about it.
Nothing thrills me more than performing hand in hand with the love of my life. Yes I'm married to magic, as a person and as a career. To me Brandon will always be the most magical thing in my life.

"To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten."

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weird Things Magic Assistants Do

Or atleast what I do now that I'm a magic assistant. People have agreed with me on some of these things though!

We can relate anything to magic. We go somewhere and see something that looks like what we do, we take a picture with it. Like this weird dude thing at Ripley's and the Bed of Nails at WonderWorks. Yes, I'm white. Shut your face. I'm a ginger.

Injuries are the best thing that could possibly happen and we kinda get way too excited over them. Sprained your ankle? Got some awesome new bruises? Time to post a photo on Facebook. No pain, no gain. We worked hard to earn our stripes. We are magic assistants. Hear us roar.

We are as interested in boxes as cats are. 
*Sees le box* CHALLENGE ACCEPTED *Crawls inside to see if body fits*

In all photos we take, we pop our knee. This drives my brother in law crazy. To quote him...
"When a camera points at you, is there some weird reflex in your right leg that makes it pose?"
Doesn't matter where you are: on the beach, at a concert, in Disney World... That knee is gonna pop.

Any floor is a stage. What does a large open hard floor/stage mean? Gotta dance. I wonder how many pirouettes I can do across here...

We love sparkles. Every article of clothing that is seen with sparkles on it, "Can we use this?"
Ya'll my first email after starting magic was sparklemagic16@noneyabusiness. Ok not that address exactly but I don't want anyone messing with my stuff.

So I had thought of more in the shower this morning but because I don't have waterproof paper I wasn't able to write them all down and I forgot. So if anyone can think of any more, feel free to comment and let me know! I can always edit the post. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it!